The team

owner & ceo

Karen S. Brienzo

“Owning Jack Denst defines me,” states Brienzo, an avid admirer of Denst wallcoverings for years before purchasing the company. This entrepreneur is also the owner, since 1985, of a direct mail advertising business and founding board member of an acclaimed Chicago Montessori elementary school. After the Denst purchase, Karen took years to curate the screen print films, scan and catalog them for posterity and, in addition to the production of legendary wallcoverings, she created avenues to license the designs in other mediums. Her vision is a Mid-Century Modern museum in Chicago to provide public access to the entire collection of Jack Denst art.

Denst’S nephew – artist – interior designer

Thomas A. Olson

Olson is a graduate of the Harrington College of Design and was a working artist at Jack Denst Designs, Inc. for decades, until taking over the company in 1992. He was the heir apparent both practically and having inherited his uncle’s artistic talent. Tom is a collaborating interior designer for the current company and owner of the Denst Estate art collection.

New York University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Olga Chtiguel

Entrepreneur, artist, designer, all around creative, Dr. Olga partners and collaborates with the Denst company on new product lines. A teaching expert in art and art history, she has been the owner/lead designer of a sewing manufacturing business since 1995. The companies: MagMile Brand, CivitasCircle and Express My Faith are her current endeavors.

Interior designer, artist and expediter

Wayne Bush

From the reproduction of a 3D map on the ceiling of a the Lincoln Park Zoo Café, Wayne has assisted many long established Chicagoland entities making a vision a reality. Most recently, a long time food purveyor needed help to repurpose / reinstall several murals at a new corporate location. Wayne gets it done! His last gallery showing was in 2019, where he created a tribute room to three mid-century modern Chicago artists. Wayne is a collaborating designer for the current company.


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